I don’t want to be your rebound
I don’t want to be the guy you turn to…
Because he let you down
I know it's tough but I care too much and the time is just not right

I don’t want to be your rebound
I don’t want to be a substitute
Because he stopped coming ‘round
but if you need someone
you know come
I’ll help you through again

But when your heartbreak settles
Yeah one day when you’re ready
Maybe then we could talk about you and me

So when you’re ready to fall in love again
To take another chance
If your heart starts hearing a song again
And you wanna dance
When you’re ready for the arms of someone new
To finally set you free
So when you’re ready to fall in love again….

I don’t think it’s a big surprise
I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed how sometimes
I try to hide my eyes
(we’ve always been friends, I’ve tried to pretend, I never wanted anything more

I don’t think it’s big surprise
I was hoping you’d feel it too
And one day realize…
I couldn’t be the one, to come be-tween you and the one you loved

Maybe I’m just dreaming
This may never happen at all
So for now, I’ll just help you break the fall

I’d like to know what you feel true love is
When you see it in your dreams
I don’t wanna to start making promises
Before I learn just what you need
I’m not offering you a fairytale
Or a temporary love
I wanna show you what I think we could become

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